As I previously described I have sometimes bought or sold shares of stock in a company based upon little more than a poorly researched belief accompanied by a heightened state of excitement or anxiety. YOU know the scenario, the mentality: “I better sell (this stock) now!” “I better buy shares now!” Why? Because “I believe […]

Investment decisions should be well researched. Stock trades should follow careful analysis and trades should be executed with a cool hand and cool head. Does that describe your investing style? Does it describe mine? No, probably not for many readers and, unfortunately, not always for me. So, what to do? How can we all be […]

In the game known as “chicken” the outcome – winning and losing – is based upon someone being sane. If both parties to the game are crazy then, depending on how you look at it, either no one wins (It’s a tie!) or both get to be winners, as neither was “chicken”. There is a […]