This “stock tip” requires a bit of homework. I know you want fast easy money. Patience. This is close to that. Do a bit of research about companies in a vertical. Identify companies in that vertical that share similar metrics. Look at summaries of corporate data: cash on hand, cash flows, debt, etc. In other […]

If you, like I, make your own stock picks then you know the potential frustration or anxiety of every day finding stock analysts advising you to hold, maintain a neutral position, sell and buy shares of stock in “Company X”. Same company, four differing opinons. I recently invested in a company whose share price has […]

In the age of online media supported by eyeballs and ad revenue stockmarket opinionists, pseudopundits, blowhards, halfwits and dimwits are now $.10 / dozen. Anyone can play the game. Rightfully, that judgment (at least in theory) attaches to me. Here’s the big oil and gas secret, which I now bring to the attention of anyone […]